Never Give Up

When we see the word struggle, we attribute it with something negative, like no good can come from it. However, is this the right attitude to have? Did Jackie Robinson turn away from his struggle when he broke the color barrier in baseball? No, he went through endless racism and the pain and suffering thatContinue reading “Never Give Up”

The Iron Horse

Not many people can leave behind the legacy of a Michael Jordan or even Babe Ruth. However, Lou Gehrig was the Yankees’ first baseman from 1923 to 1939. He was born in New York. His parents were poor immigrants. That didn’t stop Gehrig’s father from helping his son train harder for the MLB. Later inContinue reading “The Iron Horse”

A Fresh Start Somewhere Else

Do you ever stop and think I wish I could move far away without a care in the world? Maybe start all over again where nobody knows you, and there is no stupid drama. I have felt this way for a long time. Massachusetts is not my cup of tea. It is not because it’sContinue reading “A Fresh Start Somewhere Else”

Remembering Jazz Legend Louis Armstrong.

Lewis Armstrong once wrote:“I see trees of greenRed roses tooI see them bloomFor me and youAnd I think to myselfwhat a wonderful world.” What a Wonderful World became one of Armstrongs’ most popular hits. However, Lewis Armstrong’s path to stardom was not an easy one; he did not have the easiest of lives. When heContinue reading “Remembering Jazz Legend Louis Armstrong.”

Fear Can Be Contagious

Recently, I have been dealing with writer’s block. I know this whole lockdown is getting to me. However, I am not that much of a social person at this moment in my life. I do miss going to my favorite coffee shops or even just having dinner with my family at my favorite restaurant. COVIDContinue reading “Fear Can Be Contagious”

Covid19 Rant

The other day I was watching a movie because what is there really to do in quarantine anyway? The film is called Rudy. It is about a kid who has always wanted to go to Notre Dame College, and he also has a dream of playing on the football team someday there too. In theContinue reading “Covid19 Rant”

The Way Back Movie Review

I recently saw the new movie The Way Back, starring Ben Affleck; this might be Ben Affleck’s best performance as an actor. If you enjoy a good basketball movie like myself, you will love The Way Back. Gavin O’ Conor did a spectacular job of portraying how hard it is living with alcoholism and theContinue reading “The Way Back Movie Review”

A Short Bio of C.S. Lewis

When it comes to Clive Staples Lewis, there are many different things you can write about with regards to his life. For now, I will focus on the interesting facts about C.S. Lewis’s life. He was born on November 29, 1898. C.S. Lewis grew up in Belfast, Ireland. When he was younger, he lost hisContinue reading “A Short Bio of C.S. Lewis”

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