You Are Going To Be Okay

Fear and anxiety happen in this world, but don’t let fear or anxiety cripple you. When you feel an urge to quit, Don’t give up; take a deep breath and take a moment to sit with your eyes not open, maybe listen to the sound of the ocean or some relaxing music. You are going to be okay. We are bound to have our bad days in this life. However, please don’t let negative thoughts overcrowd your mind. Remember a time in your life where you did a good thing for others or remember the days where you were feeling well. The waves of doubt will slowly dissipate & eventually, you will see that this is just a bad wave.

Try to remember that no hero in this world got where they are today in the record books with life being easy. There were many nights where these heroes fought for their life; they even dealt with endless sleepless nights! In the end, it was not easy, but without pain, there would be no crown. Life is filled with beautiful things when you let go of the negativity and believe that you can be happy.

So, stop the world for a moment & find some time to reflect on things without modern technology bogging you down. We all need rest sometimes taking a break from certain people, and social media is not always bad isolation; it just needed to be done. Some of the greatest thinkers of this world wrote out the first blueprint of their success in total silence.

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This blog came into existence because I finally got back into writing again. I wanted an outlet to write what was on my heart. I hope you enjoy my work! Contact info- Email:

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